My follow up to the now sold out ‘White Dragon’, “If Only You Could See What I’ve Seen” went up for pre-sell last week, and is now printed and shipping out to those people on the mailing list who bought one!

The next shot to pick one up is at the Nakatomi Inc / Clint’s Prints booth at Flatstock Austin this weekend (March 18-20)! Flatstock is held at the Austin Convention center, so come on out and pick one up! Any remaining copies will hit the Nakatomi site the following Monday morning (the 22nd).


This 5 color silkscreen print is 12×24, and was hand-printed by Clint Wilson in the Nakatomi Print labs. The regular edition is 180, and the Glow Edition is 100. Because of pre-sells, i will have less than 50 of the regular, and MAYBE 20 of the Glow in the Dark prints available. Not available to the pre-sells and only at Flatstock, I’ll have 15 printed on metallic foil currency paper as well! I don’t really expect these to last through the convention!

So come on out and check out all the other amazing artists that’ll be there as well!

-Tim Doyle

For a REALLY big version of this print, go to my Flickr feed!