STAPLE! Independent Press/ Art Expo-

This Saturday in Austin, TX is the annual STAPLE! Independent Press Expo- Austin’s ONLY comic book convention. (At least until Wizard World Austin starts…in case you haven’t had your fill of broken down 80’s TV and porn stars yet)

And as a part of the Expo, I’ll  be splitting a table w/ The Intergalactic Nemesis- which is the Live-Action Comic-Book featuring art from lil’ ol’ me!


If you come to the Expo, you’ll be able to get a sneak peek at the deals I’ll be offering up the following week at the Flatstock poster show as part of SXSW. Not only will I be selling prints (with no shipping charges, eh?) at special convention prices, but we’re also bringing out the archives of some of my past sold out prints! Want to get your hands on the sold-out ‘Sea Also Rises- Squid’ print? Or the dearly departed ‘White Dragon?’ How’s about the last 3 ‘Change Into a Truck’ prints?

The VERY last copies I  have to sell will be available at Staple, and any remaining will roll into Flatstock the following weekend.

And, make sure you stay for the performance of The Intergalactic Nemesis! What is this performance? Well, take a gander at this handy video of Chapter Two, which was performed at the Alamo Drafthouse recently-

STAPLE! should be off the hook this year- between the guest of Honor, Guy Davis (Hellboy: BPRD artist), the con itself, as well as the Live-Art show after-party, it should be a rollicking good time!

And, if you’re not doing anything FRIDAY night, come rub shoulders w/ the STAPLE! guests at the Austin Books Pre-Party! I’m told there will be free booze, so wake up grandma, and get thee ‘doon!

For more info, head on over to-

OOoohhhh- what’s an article on a Comic-Book Convention w/out an out of context photo of some weirdo in a costume-

AHHHAHAHAHHA. Whoo. That’s actually really rad. Effort is for losers.

-Tim Doyle