Intergalactic Nemesis Video up-

Instead of me EXPLAINING what The Intergalactic Nemesis Trans-Media comic book / Live Action Graphic Novel I’m drawing is…

I’m going to save about 10 mins of talking and just SHOW you-

The script is by Jason Neulander and Co, and I’m doing all the drawing!  This particular chapter was colored by Paul Hanley.

The actors and Buzz Moran on sfx bring the script to LIFE on stage.  The whole thing is set to debut at the Long Center for the Performing Arts here in Austin TX over Labor Day!

Now…I just have to actually finish drawing it…scary.

The video you just saw was pt2, but pt1 is on the other side of this JUMP!

Why did I show pt 2 first in this post?  WELL- all the explosions and stuff were in the 2nd part!

-Tim Doyle