SXSW S.O.S. 50% off sale- and classic prints return to save the day!

SXSW S.O.S. 50% off sale!

Hello Nakatomi Peoples!
As you know, SXSW cancelled on us, didn’t refund any of our money, and we lost a ton of expected sales! AAAAAAAH! So to help us out, we’re helping you out! (aren’t we great?…yes, yes we are. Thanks for noticing.)

WHEN– RIGHT NOW- Nakatomi will put almost our entire inventory on sale for HALF OFF! Sale will end on SATURDAY 3/14 at 11:59 pm!
You got a print you’ve had your eye on? TIME TO GET IT!

HERE’S THE LIST of what is on sale for 50% off!

Weird Al
Tim Doyle and UnReal Estate
Frank Frazetta
Nick Derington
Failure Gigposters
Kings of Leon

Classic UnReal Estate prints- back for the first time in almost a decade!

We’ve also got a few classic UnReal Estate prints coming back to help out! These Springfield-Inspired prints have been gone since the original UnReal Estate show WAY back in 2012- and are now available for the Nakatomi Nation!

“742 Evergreen Terrace” Glow in the Dark variant! 16×20 signed by the artist- $30!

“742 Evergreen Terrace” Glow in the Dark “Night” (above) and “Day” (below) variants, retail at $60 and $40 respectively, JUST $30 and $20 during this sale! Pick them all up HERE.

“742 Evergreen Terrace” regular day edition. 16×20 signed by the artist- $20

And finally- the rarest (and smallest edition, never reprinted- until now) print in the entire UnReal Estate Springfield series- “Embiggen The Smallest Man”! Also out of print since 2012, this 16×20 print is signed by artist Tim Doyle in a new edition. Normally $40, it’s only $20 during the sale! Available HERE now!

“Embiggen the Smallest Man” 16×20 signed by the artist- only $20 during the sale!

The new prints are in production now, and all orders for those will ship by the end of March– all other orders are for in-stock items and will ship ASAP!

This sale only runs from NOW until Saturday at Midnight- so help us out in our time of need, and let us help you get some great art up on those walls!

Thank you all so much- these past 11+ years have been a dream come true, and the only way we’ve been able to make it work is because of people like YOU out there in the Nakatomi Nation supporting us and all the artists we work with!

Head on over to the Nakatomi store HERE now!

-alex fugazi


Return of the BOOK SKETCHES!

One of the custom sketches done last month- order yours today!

Order an UnReal Estate book and get a custom drawing JUST FOR YOU!

Back in late November, artist Tim Doyle offered up his UnReal Estate book with a special bonus- for just a bit more, customers could get a custom sketch made for them in copies of the UnReal Estate hardcover art book! The special was limited to 100 copies, and all orders were done and shipped in plenty of time for Christmas.

UnReal Estate: THE BOOK- 132 pg. hardcover art book

WELL WE’RE DOING IT AGAIN FOR NEW YEARS! Get yourself a special custom drawing, or get a premium gift for the person you forgot about for Christmas (you made your Aunt cry, you know that, right?)!

From Doyle-
GEEZ I had a blast doing this before Thanksgiving and I really want to do it again. I loved all the weird curveball requests, and just putting my head down and drawing. And all the positive feedback I got from everyone when they received their custom books made me happy that I was making them happy! So gimme that Dopamine boost and let’s all get happy together!

Big New Year’s Eve Mood.


Pick from one of five pre-selected characters, or one of your own, and Doyle will hand-draw them on the title page, sign it, and make it out to either you or the person you’re gifting the book to!


Book by itself is $40.
Book plus pre-selected sketch is $50.
Book plus custom sketch is $60.

Our special shiny boy.

Here’s a couple ground rules-

1- it’s gotta be a cartoon or comic book character only! Tim’s not going to be able to do portraits in the time allowed. (Robocop is the exception, because…Robocop).
2- if you’re not picking one of the five, make sure you tell us who you want in the “Special Instructions” section of your order when you check out.
3- if you want a special message for someone if it’s a gift, don’t write an essay, please! Short and sweet. (Tim’s handwriting is marginally legible, honestly…)
4– if you don’t want the book made out to the person who’s name is on the order, make sure you tell us who you want it made out to!
5– seriously he’s not going to draw your kids, don’t ask.


Bobby Hill is who we all should strive to be in the world.

Keep in mind that this is a custom-made product, so it’s not going to ship super-fast. If you need one of these in time for a particular date, make sure you note that in the order, and we’ll do our best to accommodate you! All orders should ship by early February.

Get one HERE now!

-alex fugazi





Hello Nakatomi Peoples!
It’s that time of the year again- for a few short days, we’re going nuts with the deals, rolling out some long out of print classics, as well as a couple new things!

WHEN– Starting at MIDNIGHT Central time on Thanksgiving (actually, the first few seconds of Black Friday) Nakatomi will put almost our entire inventory on sale for HALF OFF!

You got a print you’ve had your eye on? TIME TO GET IT!

HERE’S THE LIST of what will be on sale for 50% off!
Weird Al
Tim Doyle and UnReal Estate
Frank Frazetta
Bernie Wrightson
Nick Derington

We’ll ONLY be selling prints that are actually IN HAND, so orders will ship in PLENTY of time for holiday delivery!

And what’s NEW on BLACK FRIDAY?

UnReal Estate “Meat is Done, Not People!” 12×24 edition of

Debuting for the first time- “Meat is Done, Not People!” 12×24 art print printed in an edition of 200 copies- signed and numbered by Doyle! Normally $30, just $15 during Black Friday! AVAILABLE HERE.

“Rusty Shackleford” 16×20 signed edition!

“Rusty Shackleford” by Tim Doyle has been out of print since Feb of 2012 and is FINALLY back in a new open edition! Hand-printed and measures 16×20, I tell you what. $30 regularly, $15 during the sale! Available HERE.

SHINY PUNK- 8×10 edition Timed Release- Black Friday through Cyber Monday!

We’ve got a special BLACK FRIDAY through CYBER MONDAY timed release 8×10 set of the long sold-out SHINY PUNK prints! This is for 2 8×10 prints, signed and numbered in a limited edition- edition size determined by the number sold. Originally offered at $50, this set is only $25 for the duration of the event, and will NOT be available on site at a later date.
Available HERE.

All these exclusive releases, plus all the other categories being on sale will make this our biggest Black Friday to Cyber Monday event yet!
Note- a lot of these may sell out, and so inventory will vary throughout the day…don’t sleep on it!

-alex fugazi


SXSW 2019 Gaming print!

Artist Tim Doyle was hired to create the official poster for the SXSW 2019 Gaming event!

This print measures 18×24 and is hand-printed right here in Austin, TX!

Signed and numbered by the artist in a regular edition of 300, and a glow in the dark edition of just 40 copies! (pictured glowing below!)

Logo design by the always amazing JESSE PHILIPS!

What it looks like with the lights off!

Available exclusively at the Convention Center here in Austin, during the SXSW conference! Nakatomi will also have a TINY amount at our annual Flatstock booth, this Thursday through Saturday!

See you at SXSW!

-alex fugazi


UnReal Estate: Secret Headqarters Opens 2/2/19 at SpokeArt San Fran!

“The Sorceress Awaits” 20×30 Signed and Numbered Regular Edition of 100

UnReal Estate returns! SpokeArt in San Francisco will be hosting artist Tim Doyle and his sixth (and final?) UnReal Estate solo art show!

Featuring all new work (and some select archive prints) on display and and available for purchase first at the gallery opening!

This time around, all the new prints will focus on the theme of a Secret Headquarters- be it a refuge, a home, a gathering place, or quite literally- a SECRET HEADQUARTERS!

“CatBus” 18×24 Signed and Numbered Regular Edition of 150

The gallery opening will be from at Spoke Art at 816 Sutter St in San Francisco from 6-8pm on Saturday, February the 2nd. The artist will be in attendance.

OPENING NIGHT BONUS- while you’re there, bring out your copy of the UnReal Estate book (or pick one up at the gallery) as Doyle is doing free doodles in every book that evening!

Online Release info-
SpokeArt will have all remaining prints for sale on their store page HERE on Thursday February 7th. Join our Mailing list HERE and we’ll let you know the exact time of the drop!
Thank you all so much, and see in you in San Francisco!

-alex fugazi


Metallica FRESNO print- On sale Tuesday 12/11 2pm Central

Metallica –Fresno by Tim Doyle

Available HERE on Tuesday 12/11 at 2pm Central time!

Artist copies of Monday’s sold out VIP poster for the Metallica show in Fresno are coming to Nakatomi!

This print is illustrated by artist Tim Doyle.

These 18×24″ hand-printed 6-color silkscreen gigposters are hand marked in a limited AP edition. Features metallic silver ink.

Note- the prints at the show were off-set / litho prints- these are the ONLY screenprinted versions of these prints available.

See the variant below after the jump!


Umphrey’s McGee Foil print available today!

UMPHREY’s McGEE Chicago by Doyle!

Artist Tim Doyle was commissioned to design and print the exclusive poster for the Chicago date for the Umphrey’s McGee tour!

This 18×24 hand-printed silkscreen poster features 3 (!!!) split fountains, and is printed on Iridescent Foil stock.  Photos here are of the actual print, not digital mock-ups!

Available  HERE in the Gigposter Section of the Nakatomi store.

See more pics and read more after the jump!


TIM DOYLE’s Avengers 4 theory- SPOILERS


This is crazy nerdy, but I can’t put this on social media and have someone read it by accident, so here it is where you’ve been adequately warned.

This is what I am currently thinking will happen in Avengers 4, and Guardians of the Galaxy 3.




Official SXSW print- available at Flatstock!

I was approached by the fine folk at SXSW here in Austin to produce the official art print for the festival!

This 18×24 hand-printed silkscreen print is available at the SXSW merch booth, as well as at my Flatstock booth from March 15-17!  This red edition is signed and numbered in an edition of 300.

See the Night Blue Metallic edition after the jump!


I’m going to NYCC, and I’m bringing exclusive prints!


Hello Nakatomi Peoples! Artist and Nakatomi founder, Tim Doyle will be at New York City Comic Con this year, and we’re bringing the exclusives!

We’ll be at booth #882 near all the other friends of Nakatomi, like SpokeArt, Tom Whalen, and all the rest of the cool kids!


Grey Matter Art commissioned Doyle to produce this official 20×30 screenprint for MARVEL COMICS! Doyle will be at the Grey Matter booth signing on Thursday at 1pm, and this print will first be available there! Available in a regular edition with silver metallic ink, OR a Rainbow-Foil edition! Both signed and numbered. Doyle will have AP copies at the Nakatomi booth AFTER GM releases their copies at 1pm. Swing by and he’ll do a doodle on it for you!

FYI– Doyle will be in attendance for the entire show, so feel free to bring him booze.

See all the other exclusives AFTER THE JUMP!