TIM DOYLE’s Avengers 4 theory- SPOILERS


This is crazy nerdy, but I can’t put this on social media and have someone read it by accident, so here it is where you’ve been adequately warned.

This is what I am currently thinking will happen in Avengers 4, and Guardians of the Galaxy 3.



I’m 90% sure on this part
During the fight with Thanos, Strange sent the Time Gem into the future for future Tony to use, after the battle of Wakanda.
Thanos is no longer a threat, he imagines his quest is over.
So that means future Tony has all the time in the world to figure out how to fix the universe.
As long as Tony does what he needs to prepare for Thanos’s arrival at Wakanda, and THEN sends the Time Gem BACK to the moment Strange hands it to Thanos on Titan, Thanos won’t be expecting this ambush.
This is why we’ve seen some pics of a grey haired Tony Stark Standing with Cap in what appears to be the Battle of New York from Avengers 1.
He has taken years to prepare, travelling the timeline, collecting a new army of Avengers (including Captain Marvel) JUST LIKE in Avengers Forever.

I’m like…70% sure on this-
While preparing in the future, I’m going to futher guess he DOES have a child with Pepper, and he knows that in fixing the timeline post the battle of Wakanda, he will also be sacrificing the possibility of his child existing.
Tony will become the mirror of Thanos- sacrificing his child the way Thanos did to achieve his goals.
Tony did tell Pepper he had a dream of having a child- and when the timeline is reset- that child will then have become exactly that- a sad dream.

I think this is an easy 95%-
Also- the two Avengers who WERENT in this movie- Hawkeye and Ant-Man were the two WITH families, and I’m going to bet they lost their children, and they will want Tony to restore the universe. Tony will have to choose between his new family, and millions of other families.
AND FINALLY- Tony was shocked that Thanos knew who he was. You know why Thanos knew him? Because he met Tony in his past- but Thanos’ past is Tony’s FUTURE.

Wild speculation, but still feel 50/50 here-
We won’t get Gamora back.
Guardians of the Galaxy 3 will be The Search For Gamora. We’ll get Adam Warlock, who is bonded with the soul gem, and since Gamora’s essence is in the soul gem, she will be drawn out of it. Happy ending for Star-Lord and Gamora, finally.