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Today is Friday the 13th (uh-oh), and Spoke Art in conjuction with Midnites For Maniacs is hosting a screening of Total Recall at the Roxie Theater in San Fran! Spoke commissioned Nakatomi artist, Tim Doyle to do the honors on the print for the event!

This 18×24 5-color hand-printed poster features a metallic ink split fountain, and metallic background! Signed and numbered by the artist in an edition of 100. Copies will be for sale at the event, and copies will be on sale on their website shortly afterwards. Stay tuned to the Spoke Art site for details!


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The Man Who Fell To Earth- official print for Studio Canal!

The Man Who Fell To Earth WEB


Under The Floorboards and Studio Canal approached us to create a poster for the classic 1974 David Bowie-starring British Sci-fi film!

This 20×30 full-bleed hand-printed silkscreened print is signed and numbered by the artist in a regular edition of 145, and a rainbow foil variant edition of 55! (Pictured below)

rainbow foil mock-up

From Doyle-

“I specifically wanted to design this poster so that it could hang either direction, there is no true ‘up’ with this image. The film features Bowie playing an alien come to Earth to help save his family on his home planet, but instead finds his own moral ruin. My intention was to show him both ascending to salvation and falling to his own destruction. It’s truly a haunting and sparse film- if you haven’t seen it, seek it out. The artwork is by me, and the type and art assist is by Tyler Skaggs, who you can check out HERE.”

The Man Who Fell To Earth WITH SAND NO TRIANGLE preview

Both prints are available HERE NOW while supplies last on the Under the Floorboards site.

Prints are currently in production and will ship by the end of July!

-alex fugazi

UnReal Estate BOOK SIGNING May 7th-

moes cover

UnReal Estate: THE BOOK- BOOK SIGNING this Saturday!

This Saturday as a part of FREE COMIC BOOK DAY here in Austin, Tim Doyle will be signing his new art book at Guzu Gallery (the nerd-pop-art-gallery/toy shop owned by and next door to Austin Books and Comics)

Best yet- Guzu Gallery has an EXCLUSIVE cover made just for them, featuring “Amanda Hugginkiss” limited to 200 copies!

There will be UnReal Estate prints from the Kickstarter event up for sale as well, like “Good News Everyone” (below) among many more!


The signing will be this Saturday May the 7th, from 12-3pm at Guzu Gallery– located at 5000 N. Lamar

Check out their website here!


^this is what he looks like, so if someone else tries to sign your book at the event, you tell them THATS MY PURSE I DONT KNOW YOU

(Note- these copies of the book were rush-shipped to us from the printer in Canada, and the regular edition of the books are currently done and coming our way- so if you had ordered one, we’ll be receiving them shortly and shipping out to you!)

-alex fugazi


UnReal Estate: THE BOOK

Nakatomi and Tim Doyle are VERY excited to announce the launch of their brand-new UnReal Estate: THE BOOK Kickstarter project RIGHT HERE!

unreal estate book

This deluxe, full-color hardcover collection of EVERY single image from the first three years of UnReal Estate is 144 pages JAM-PACKED with photos, sketches, and essays from artists like Josh Budich, Tracie Ching, Godmachine, and many more! Each print from the sold-out gallery show is presented FULL-PAGE (and some even double-page spread) for maximum PRETTY coming at your eyeballs! This beautiful book will retail for $40-$50 in-store, but you can grab it for just $35 in the Kickstarter HERE.

But don’t take our word for it- let Tim Doyle tell you what it’s all about-

The rewards for this project feature the book itself, new editions of some of the sold-out classics from the series, along with the LONG TEASED “Thank You For Being A Friend” (pictured below), ONLY available through this project.


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Adventure Time print for Galerie F!

Marceline Web FINAL


Nakatomi artist, Tim Doyle was commissioned by Galerie F to produce this official ‘STAKES’ print for Cartoon Network and it’s on sale NOW!

This 18×24 hand-printed 6-color art print features 2 split fountains for a LUSH look and feel!

Available in a signed and numbered regular edition of 125 and a metallic ink and glow in the dark edition of 75!

Both are available RIGHT NOW for a limited time on the Galerie F site HERE.

See the glow mock-up after the jump!

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