Oversized ‘Tears in the Rain’ Glow edition Timed Release onsale info-

Tears in the Rain Oversized Glow Edition

On Tuesday (4/24/12) at 3PM CST, Nakatomi will have a Timed Release of an OVER-SIZED edition of Tim Doyle’s ‘Tears In The Rain’ art print.

This print will measure 21″ x 40″ and each one will GLOW in the dark. It will be printed on heavyweight 130lb Cougar natural paper, and feature a silver metallic rain overlay.

Print will appear for sale at 3pm Central Standard Time on Tuesday HERE.

The last one we did in this series, the oversized White Dragon print (which you can see here) was limited to just 50 copies and was only available at the Flatstock poster convention in Austin. It was an instant sell out on the first day, and immediately people started flipping them on eBay for upwards of $600. While we don’t really have a problem with people re-selling our prints, we were a little bummed that people who loved the art and couldn’t afford the eBay price were shut out. SO- to help make it up to you guys, we’re doing this Timed Release print to make sure everyone who wants one can get one, provided they’re in front of their computer when it’s released. And, it glows in the dark for the same price as the non-glow over-sized White Dragon!

Have Questions? Hit the link below for answers!

Questions? We have answers-

Where does this glow?- The glow ink is in the signs and lights on the buildings in the background! It also glows through the smoke where it overlaps the signage.

When will this ship?– This poster will be printing in our shop starting on Tuesday, as soon as the sales wrap up. We expect to be done with the printing, and all orders shipped out within ONE WEEK of when the order is placed. We do our own printing here at Nakatomi, so we can move fast. This timeline is only valid as long as we don’t sell an INSANE amount, which might push us back to two weeks, tops.

What if I miss the on-sale? We’re trying very hard to give everyone advanced notice so there should be no surprises. We understand that 3pm here in the Central Time Zone (US) is the middle of the night in Australia, but we’ll do what we can. BUT- once sales are closed, they’re closed on this edition. We have no plans to reprint this Oversized edition, so please plan ahead and be ready to purchase!

How large is this edition?– This print is Open Edition for a limited time only. If we sell 5, it’s an edition of 5. If we sell 500- it’s 500. (And, everyone gets hugs if that happens.)

Thank you! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask through our contact form on this site!

-alex fugazi