Texas VW Classic poster- now available

I was very happy to receive a cold-call from Tyler Chamberlain from the Texas VW Classic, asking me if I’d be interested in producing a poster for their annual event here in Central Texas. He had noticed a recurring theme in some of my art- a VW bus or other such fun vehicles snuck in where ever I could make it work. I have long, long loved the beauty and clean lines of the old-school VW’s (as well as Vespas and El Caminos!) and there was NO way I could turn him down!

The beauty and simplicity of these older vehicles is like a visual short-hand that signified fun and freedom.

The event was held this last weekend and the weather here in Texas couldn’t have been better! (which is good for selling posters…trust me.)

I’m now able to sell my artists copies on Nakatomi, and I hope you all enjoy them as much as I enjoyed drawing it!

This 18×24 5 color silk-screen print is signed and numbered in an edition of 230, with Nakatomi only having 30 for sale.

Pick them up HERE in the Tim Doyle Section of the Nakatomi store- prints are in hand and will ship immediately.