Transformers: The Movie print at Austin Books and Comics

I’m really happy to have been able to do this print.  It feels like I’ve been drawing Tranformers in one way or another for my ENTIRE life. There’s a file full of old Crayon drawings of Optimus Prime in my parent’s house right now.  I loves me some robots.

I am constantly and pleasantly surprised by Hollywood’s restraint in not making a Transformers movie SINCE 1986.  It’s really charming that this great property has been allowed to exist pure and undamaged in the memories of everyone who grew up in the 1980’s.  I mean, can you imagine if they let some dumb-ass lowest-common denominator director dirtbag take a huge dump all over Transformers?  And if they cast some schlub with a face like a foot in the lead, and tried to ‘sex it up’ with some bomb-shell in a crappy tacked on romantic story?

Good thing that didn’t happen.



SO- you can imagine how happy I was to get the call from Austin Books and Comics asking me if I’d be down to do a poster to help them promote the screening of the ONLY Transformers movie in conjunction with the Blue Starlite Drive-in here in Austin Texas!

Austin Books will be distributing these promotional posters to people on a first-come first-serve basis here in Austin THIS WEDNESDAY morning when they open at 9AM!  So if you live in the surrounding area and would like to get one- GET THE DOWN TO ATX!

At top is pictured the regular edition, and directly above is the Variant Edition.

Both feature metallic silver ink, and the Variant is printed w/ Silver, Gold, AND Copper ink.

Both prints measure 16×26 and are signed and numbered.

Austin Books and Comics is located at 5002 North Lamar here in Austin, and will open at 9am on Wednesday.

You can visit them on the web HERE.

They don’t have many, and a few will possibly be held back for the screening itself, so if you miss out, don’t despair!

-tim doyle