Quentin V. Coen- Round 2 Gallery recap!

Look at that freaking line.

Ken Harman, the owner/ operator of Spoke Art was kind enough to fly me and the wife out to San Fran for the weekend for the West Coast debut of Quentin V. Coen. They gave away my Big Lebowski Handbill set, “Sometimes There’s a Man”, to the first 50 attendees, and that did not last long!

The show on Thursday was a blast, and it was really great meeting and talking to everyone who came out. I got to meet a couple of artists at the show, including Greg Gigart, Serge Gay Jr, and Oliver Barret. Let me say one thing, Serge Gay Jr. is a handsome, handsome dude. I will have to steal his powers.


The gallery was packed for most of the night, and it looks like the cash register never stopped pinging. Great show all around.

For me, the best part was getting to actually take a few days off and check out the city, something I’ve never had the chance to do so before. Me and the wife did all the tourist-y things, walked the Golden Gate, went to the planetarium, Chinatown, smelled a bunch of hippies (gross). But as great as that all was, San Fran takes top of the chart in my all-time food town ranking. EVERY single meal we had was just killer.

That’s me knocking back some Ramen at Katana-ya.

I think the only reason everyone in San Fran is thin is all the walking you have to do. And by ‘have to do’ I mean want to do, as the climate was great the whole time. Compared to Austin’s 100 degree EVERY day weather we’re having, it never got above 65 the whole time we were there. It really makes you want to get outside. Crazy.

So Big BIG thanks to Ken Harman and for the trip and the great show. I’ll definitely be working more with them in the future with more prints!

And speaking of the prints-

I created 4 new prints for the West coast show, this time around all Coen Bros inspired. Spokeart will have them all up for sale later on this week, so do keep an eye on their website, Twitter, and Tumblr.

Here’s a look at the pieces for the show-

“The Prophecy” 12×24 edition of 100


“The Sun Don’t Rise and Set on the Corner Grocery” 12×24 edition of 100



“The One Right Tool” 12×24 edition of 100



“Sometimes There’s a Man” 18×26 edition of 150, 50 already given to attendees.

I will not have any of these prints for sale on my site if they sell out from Spokeart, and if they don’t it will be over a month until I do, so pick ’em up from Spoke!

Thank you!

-Tim Doyle