NEW- “Like You Like” Austin, TX based print by Tim Doyle – now available!

Freshly made screenprints, just like you like ’em!

“Like You Like” brand-new Austin-based screenprint by Tim Doyle!

Hello Nakatomi Peoples!

Originally made for our good friends at Parts and Labour here in Austin (and available exclusively in-town at their Congress location), we are now releasing Doyle’s newest print to the wider Nakatomi Nation!

This print features Doyle’s take on the classic A-Frame building at 6106 Cameron Road , and celebrates this monument to Texas-burger superiority! Available NOW HERE in the Nakatomi store!

Tin roof under a big blue Texas sky! What’s not to love?

“Like You Like” is an 18×24 hand-printed silkscreen art print, signed and numbered by the artist in a first edition of 200 copies. Printed right here at the Nakatomi Print Labs in Austin, TX! Prints are $40 each. Limit 2 per household.

Detail shots of the actual print! In hand and ready for immediate shipment.

Print is in hand and ready for immediate shipment! Pick one up HERE today!

Thank you all!

-alex fugazi


Celebrate 13 years of Nakatomi with 3 new Tim Doyle prints!

Hello Nakatomi Peoples!

Can you BELIEVE IT? Originally launched way back in January of 2009, Nakatomi has been running strong for 13 years now! But instead of you sending us gifts- we’re gifting you…with SAVINGS! Artist and Nakatomi founder, Tim Doyle has produced THREE new prints, and we’re offering 2 of them at half off, and one for just ONE PENNY!

“No Crying” 12×24 hand-printed silkscreen, first edition of 150, only $20 during the sale HERE!

First up, we have the next print in Doyle’s long running Wes Anderson series, with the newest addition, “No Crying” inspired by The French Dispatch!

This first edition of 150 hand-pulled prints measures 12×24″ (just like all the rest in the series) and is signed and numbered.

Detail of the print! (note, coffee cup and sign not included…)

“No Crying” is in hand and ready for immediate shipment. Print is $20 from now until Friday night, and $40 from that point forward! Pick one up HERE in the Tim Doyle section of the Nakatomi store.

“It’s Looking At Me” 16×20 screenprint, first edition of 150 copies. In hand and $20 this week only!

In a follow up to Doyle’s “He is the Zissou” print comes “It’s Looking At Me.” This hand-pulled silkscreen print measures 16×20″ and is signed and numbered in a first edition of 150 copies. This art print is in hand and ready for immediate shipment! “It’s Looking At Me” is only $20 during the sale.
Pick one up HERE in the Tim Doyle section of the Nakatomi store.

“You Can’t See Me”- 8×10 for just ONE PENNY, Signed and Numbered timed edition- ends Friday!

And finally, the return of the PENNY PRINT! The newest image in the “Shiny Object” series is titled “You Can’t See Me” and measures 8×10″. This print will be signed and numbered by Doyle. The edition size will be determined by the number of orders received during the sale period, which ends FRIDAY 1/28 at Midnight Central time! This fine art Giclee is a reproduction of an original watercolor painting by Doyle, and is printed in-house at the Nakatomi print labs on acid-free natural watercolor paper, with archival Ultrachrome inks.

THERE IS ONE CATCH- to get this penny print, you MUST also order ONE OTHER item on this site! So order the penny print, and ANYTHING ELSE, and it’s yours!
Pick one up HERE in the Tim Doyle section of the Nakatomi store!

Thank you all so much, and here’s to the next 13 years!



“Thank You For Being A Friend”

“Thank You For Being a Friend” returns from SPOKE ART this Friday!

Hello Nakatomi Peoples!

“Thank You For Being A Friend,” a 7-color 18×24 hand-printed art print, will be released this Friday in a timed edition, exclusive to our good friends at Spoke Art!

Prints will retail for $50 each, and we are donating 20% of all proceeds to Planned Parenthood!

Originally drawn back in 2015 and only offered through the Kickstarter for the UnReal Estate book, this print has been unavailable since then! After receiving many requests to bring it back in the last week, we LISTENED, and here it is!

“I decided to donate a portion of all sales of this print to Planned Parenthood, an organization that has helped women and families (and yes, even me!) for decades now, and is currently engaged in a fight for all people’s rights to have control over their own bodies. I’ve been a member for years now, and highly encourage you to do the same! Thank you all, and thank you for being a friend.”- Tim Doyle

This print will be available at Noon Central Time on Friday, January the 7th on the Spoke Art site! Don’t miss out!

-alex fugazi


Tim Doyle x BOOK BEAU

3 brand new Book Beaus, featuring artwork by Timothy P. Doyle!


Hello Nakatomi Peoples!

The wonderful people at Book Beau approached us about partnering up on some rad new designs for their products, and we jumped at the chance! Starting TODAY, Book Beau has opened up pre-orders for 3 new sleeves featuring the artwork of Nakatomi’s own Tim Doyle!


Book Beau and Nakatomi are both Texas-based small businesses, and we’re here combine to make a Voltron of excellence! We couldn’t be happier teaming with BB’s founder, Benita Botello and her team!

Featuring 3 designs of some of Doyle’s most popular prints-
The White Dragon
The Sea Also Rises: The Frog Prince Commands his Homunculus
UnReal Estate: Concerning Hobbits

The new Book Beau 3.0 design features water-resistant fabric and an extended zipper opening to protect your books, iPads, and Kindles!

Orders for the Tim Doyle designed Book Beaus will start shipping on July 30th- hit up the Book Beau store HERE today and pick one up before they’re all gone!

Thank you all so much!


New Kickstarter- UnReal Estate Puzzles!

UnReal Estate Puzzles from Recess- available TODAY on Kickstarter!

Hello Nakatomi Peoples!

Nakatomi and Tim Doyle have teamed up with Recess to present a set of two brand new Springfield-Themed Puzzles! Available HERE NOW on Kickstarter!

Recess is delighted to announce two new jigsaw puzzles from the super popular UnReal Estate series by artist Tim Doyle. Featuring two classic designs depicting iconic landscapes from popular culture re-imagined in Doyle’s trademark illustrative style.

Order the limited VIP set for $100, and get both puzzles, postcard set, AND a hardcover copy of the book, signed and sketched by Tim Doyle! Limited to 50 sets!

“Amanda Hugginkiss” and “Night Falls on the SNPP” are both now available for the very first time as 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles. These high quality puzzles come printed in full color on 2mm thick blue-core puzzle stock, featuring a mini poster for reference and a reusable black cloth bag for sustainability. Puzzles are $20 each.

Printed in high-resolution on blue-core puzzle stock! Single puzzles just $20!

Help us fund these new puzzles today on Kickstarter and lock in your pre-order before they sell out! A discounted 2-puzzle set is also available ($35), as well as some VIP tiers which include extra goodies such as exclusive enamel pins and postcard sets!

There is a limited amount of 50 Super VIP sets, which include both puzzles, a postcard set of all 17 of Doyle’s Springfield illustrations, AND- a hardcover copy of the UnReal Estate art book, signed and sketched by the artist! Each one will be a totally unique hand-drawn image on the Title Page! (example above!)

Back the project HERE today, and make sure you spread the word!
Thank you all so much!

-Alex Fugazi

Pledge today!

“Concerning Hobbits” back in print for the first time- now available

“Concerning Hobbits” Glow Edition- 20×30″- $75

“Concerning Hobbits” by Tim Doyle

Hello Nakatomi Peoples!

The print we easily get the most requests for- “Concerning Hobbits” is back in print for the first time. Pick one up HERE!

Originally released in 2015 as part of Tim Doyle’s UnReal Estate IV: The Movie solo art show at SpokeArt’s San Francisco gallery, it’s been sold out since then!

Available in new, open editions as a Nighttime “Glow in the Dark” variant (above) for $75, or the regular “Daytime” edition (below) for $50. “Concerning Hobbits” is a hand-printed screenprint, measures 20 x 30″ and is signed and dated by the artist. Printed at the Nakatomi Print Labs in Austin, Tx.

“Concerning Hobbits” Regular Edition- 20×30″ $75

Prints are in hand and ready for immediate shipment worldwide.
Available for purchase HERE now!

(note- while these are prints are in open editions, if this print sells out, it’ll likely be several months before a new printing will be available.)



“Lost Austin- I Love Video” 16 x 20″ Screenprint- $35 signed + numbered first edition of 150.

LOST AUSTIN- I LOVE VIDEO PRINT- support local businesses!

Hello Nakatomi Peoples!

The latest print in Tim Doyle’s ongoing “Lost Austin” series is now available- EXCLUSIVE to Parts and Labour– another great local Austin TX business that supports the Austin artist community!

Pick up this 16 x 20″ Screenprint, signed and numbered by the artist in a first edition of 150 copies at the Parts and Labour website HERE. Print is in hand and ready for immediate shipment. Print is $35.

From the artist-

 “There’s few storefronts that still resonate ‘old Austin’ to me, quite like the I Luv Video on Airport Blvd did. The murals, the sign, the building- all completely incongruous and unique in the rapidly evolving Austin retail market. I Luv’s very existence- a video store in a streaming-video world…it’s like finding an unused ’57 Chevy in a barn out in the sticks. “How is this still here and how is it so perfect?” But Covid and real estate has claimed another victim, and I knew I couldn’t let this business go by unlamented. I’m releasing this print through another local Austin business that has survived despite the challenges- Parts and Labour.
Parts and Labour is the unsung linchpin of the working Austin artist community. Literally 100’s of artists in Austin can pay their bills, continue their craft, because of Parts and Labour. If P&L ever goes away, expect to see a mass exodus of talent and charm and general weirdness from Austin. So here’s to I Luv Video, and here’s to Parts and Labour. Keep Austin Weird, and this year- shop local, because without local businesses, Austin will be as culturally empty as a foreclosed Blockbuster Video.” – Tim Doyle

Prints are available now for $35, and are exclusively available online at Parts & Labour HERE.

-alex fugazi



That Darn Cat

PICKLES RUINS EVERYTHING- art print by Tim Doyle

Hello Nakatomi Peoples!

Dropping this THURSDAY at 2pm Central, artist Tim Doyle is releasing his long awaited art print version of his sold-out Puscifer gigposter from 2016.
Print will be available HERE in the Tim Doyle section of the Nakatomi store this THURSDAY 10/29!


“Pickles Ruins Everything” is a hand-printed silkscreened art print, measuring 20 x 30″, and is signed and numbered by the artist, Tim Doyle, in a first art-print edition of 150. Print will retail for $50.

Pickles stops for no man.

Originally drawn for a PUSCIFER gigposter back in 2016, this print depicts Tim’s cat, Pickles (star of Bad Cat Comics #1) doing what she does best, which is really just make a mess of everything. EVERYTHING.

PIN GIVEAWAY! While supplies last- buy a copy of this print, and we’ll throw in a free “Bad Cat” enamel pin!

Buy a copy of this print, and get a BAD CAT pin while supplies last! Wear it as a warning!

Print is in hand and ready for immediate shipment! Barring apocalypse, prints will be in your hands in plenty time for the holidays! (Also, it’s a standard frame size, because we KNOW how expensive custom framing can be…)

No! Not the McDonald’s!

“Pickles Ruins Everything” makes the perfect holiday gift for the cat-lover or cat-hater or literal actual cat in your life!

Print will be available HERE in the Tim Doyle section of the Nakatomi store this THURSDAY!

-alex fugazi


Coen Bros. Prints- now available

Coen Brothers prints by Doyle- available now!

Hello Nakatomi Peoples!

Today, Nakatomi is re-releasing these LONG out of print Coen Brothers tribute prints by artist Tim Doyle! These were created way back in 2011 for the SpokeArt “Quentin V. Coen” art shows in San Francisco and NYC.
Available HERE in the Nakatomi store!

“The Prophecy” by Doyle. I’m a Dapper Dan Man, Dammit!

First up is “The Prophecy”! This 12 x 24″ hand-printed silkscreen poster depicts the climax of the film “O Brother, Where Art Thou” and the fulfillment of the blind seer’s prophecy. Features a hand-pulled double-split fountain- a tricky screenprinting technique! Pick one up HERE.

“Sometimes There is a Man”

“Sometimes There is a Man” features just about every memorable character from The Big Lebowski! Print measures 18 x 24″ and is signed and dated by the artist. Available HERE.

Both prints are in hand and ready for immediate shipment!

-alex fugazi


Quarantine Commissions!

Get a watercolor commission by Doyle- made just for you!


Back in April, artist Tim Doyle offered commissions up to the public for the first time ever, and sold all 100 slots within the first day! All those paintings were done and shipped out, and since there seems to be NO END IN SIGHT to the Quarantine (especially here in Texas, wtf, Texas?!?) Doyle is opening up another 100 commissions!

Commissions will be available starting Tuesday 7/28 at 2pm Central time, in the TIM DOYLE section of the Nakatomi store HERE.

Example of a color painting ($200) and a Black and White painting ($125)!

Black and White painting Iron Man or Robocop- $75 (because they are rad)
Pen and Ink Black and White drawing (no painting)- $100
Black and White Painting- $125
Color Painting- $200

This is original artwork made just for you! Get some rad art, and keep Doyle from losing his marbles in isolation! (and our bills paid, naturally.)

Delivery time will vary, but all orders should ship by early November. Early orders will ship first.

Some of our favorites from the last batch of commissions!

Ground Rules
-no nudity (but cheesecake is fine)
-bust/portraits only- no full figures, No backgrounds.
-characters from comics/ cartoons/ film preferred -no, he will not paint your family or friends.
-Yes, you can order multiples!
-your commission will be shared on Doyle’s Instagram feed HERE. Follow along to see what others are ordering!

Thank you all so much! Your support during this time will help Nakatomi keep the lights on, our staff paid, and the artwork coming to YOU. We’ll all get through this together! Now stay inside and wash your hands!

Commissions will be available starting Tuesday 7/28 at 2pm Central time, in the TIM DOYLE section of the Nakatomi store HERE.

If you want to see all 100 paintings done for the last batch, go HERE to our Flickr page!