SEA ALSO RISES shirts on REDDIT! Limited time only!

lemon shirt idea

I was asked to design a shirt for REDDIT’S new “Artists supporting charity” program! Luckily, they let me draw whatever crazy stuff I wanted to!

“The Wolves of MekHead Island” is a one-color shirt- available in two colorways, on Reddit’s Marketplace HERE.

This design will NO LONGER BE AVAILABLE on Reddit after 8/27- so GET ON IT and pick one up!

And if you’re visiting MRDOYLE from Reddit for the first time, WELCOME! If you like this shirt- perhaps you’d like SOME OF MY OTHER DESIGNS?

sea also

Nakatomi is my site, and 100% of the proceeds go to KEEPING ME IN HARD BOILED EGGS!

Thanks to everyone at REDDIT who helped make this happen!

-Tim Doyle