VOTE NOW for BEST VISUAL ARTIST in the 2013 Austin Chronicle Poll!



So, in 2011, Nakatomi founder, Tim Doyle, TIED in the annual Austin Chronicle’s Best of Austin reader’s poll for ‘Best Visual Artist.’ This was completely awesome, and totally unexpected. In 2012- we SHAMELESSLY asked for your vote. And Tim Doyle won hands-down! This year, we are asking- but not begging. More like gentle nudging. But with a pointy stick.

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“When I found out that I had tied in 2011 for the Best of Austin poll, I was completely floored and happy. I’m a big fan of the Austin Chronicle, and while I do read it every week, it never even crossed my mind to ask people to vote for me in the poll! Normally I beg and blog and bluster about things like this, and get people to vote for me to win stuff. I have no shame, I had it surgically removed years ago. I feel much better without it. In 2012, I wanted to crush my enemies and hear the lamentations of their women. And I did…I did. THIS YEAR- I want it AGAIN. My identity is now wrapped up in this contest. I introduce myself as- ‘Tim Doyle, best artist around these parts’ and then people look at me like I’m crazy. Which I am. But if I lose this one, I’m liable to fall into a serious funk, and question the meaning of life. I WANT A THREE-PEAT! I want it so bad, Marv Albert will just give me control of the word! I know what you’re thinking- that art is a personal expression of interior thoughts brought to reality through an extension of skill and patience, and every viewpoint is valid, and any attempt to qualify one artist as ‘better’ than another is a silly exercise in acting like personal opinion has any kind of empirical reality. You know what that sounds like to me? Sounds like LOSER TALK. U.S.A! A.R.T! U.S.A! A.R.T! RRRARGH!”

So, with bit of insanity out of the way- mosey on over to HERE to fill out your ballots!

Looking for other awesome things to vote for?

May we suggest-

Comic Book StoreAUSTIN BOOKS AND COMICS, who carry our prints, and commissioned the Starlite Movie series from us last year!

For Best Gallery- GALLERY GUZU, who have rad shows and feature a lot of Nakatomi Artists! Also- not owned by a giant corporation.

For Best Comedian– Sean Robb, who also is a printer here at Nakatomi! Each print that comes out of our studio is full of sad, funny rage. And tears.

For Printing/CopiesSixth Street Printing– who does the trimming for EVERY single screenprinter we know of that works in ATX! He’s a super nice dude!

For Best Bartender- The always amazing JON CHAPMAN. You either know him or you don’t. But trust me.

Remember- ONLY VOTE ONCE- no ballot stuffing! Also- you don’t have to be an Austin Resident, but it would be nice if you had visited our fair city!