At Gallery 1988 right now, they have 4 new prints by me up in their “Under the Influence: He-Man” art show.  Any unsold prints will be available from me directly in my Store through Nakatomi Inc! 

Who doesn’t love He-Man.  I sure do.  Well, to be clear- I love the IDEA of He-Man…the show was PRETTY ROUGH.  But as far as the toys and character designs were, He-Man had it all.  How awesome was the removable armor?  And Stinkor?  A toy that smelled bad on PURPOSE?   It even had a creepy S&M style slime pit to tie up your figures and ‘slime’ all over them.



The 4 prints are as follows:

“Bound Before the Right eye of Greyskull” collaboration between me and  Nick Derington. 12×24, 3 color screenprint, edition of 150, signed by both of us!

“Bound Before The Right Eye of Greyskull Metallic Variant” printed on metallic ‘currency paper’.  Signed and numbered Edition of 50.  These 2 were printed by Clint Wilson in Naktomi Print Labs!

He-Man: The Good

He-Man: The Bad and the Ugly.

These 2 are 19×20, 2 color and in an edition of 70 each.  Printed by me!

These will be available from me after the show closes.  Join the mailing list to be informed when we got ’em up.


-tim doyle