In a complete surprise, the readers of the Austin Chronicle voted Nakatomi founder, Tim Doyle as 1/2 of the Best Artist in Austin!

Why just 1/2? Because the results were a TIE. Whaaa? From the Chronicle-

Best Visual Artist- TIE: Jules Buck Jones; Tim Doyle

“Whether it’s Jones with his relentless graphite-and-ink renderings of the animal-riddled wilderness displayed in his Monofonus Press book Everglades and his one-man “Animal Again” show at Champion Gallery or Doyle with his Nakatomi Inc powerhouse releasing his own comics-influenced posters of pop-culture beauty to the world, our readers know what they like, and they like it graphic.;,”

You can see the original article HERE.

Read Doyle’s response after the JUMP!

From Doyle-

“I’m incredibly flattered and happy that I was voted best artist in Austin! Especially because I didn’t ask anyone to vote for me! I normally have to cheat at these things. Well, there’s always next year… I’ve been reading the Chronicle since I moved to town back in ’99 and can’t believe I’m listed as one of the Best of Austin! I plan on being a total nuisance about it, and shoving it in everyone’s face all the time. The next 12 months are going to be insufferable around my house- ‘You wouldn’t ask the BEST ARTIST IN AUSTIN to do the dishes would you?’ My wife thanks all the voters. I did email this ‘Jules Jones’ character and challenged him to a tie-breaking arm-wrestling match, unless he’s athletic, then it’s a Ms. Pac-Man contest. Little does he know that I actually OWN a Ms. Pac-Man machine, so I think I got this one in the bag. He did reply and said it could be decided by a WWF Thumb-Wrestlers contest, but that might be too manly for me. We’ll see what fireworks go down at the upcoming Best Of Austin party this week. You’ve been warned.”

Thanks to everyone in the Austin area and elsewhere that voted!

-alex fugazi