Still Clerkin’ after all these years…

Again, I was commissioned to produce a poster for one of my favorite movies for my favorite comic book store- Austin Books!

This Thursday, Austin Books and Comics is flying in Brian ‘Dante’ O’Halloran to be present at a screening of the original CLERKS film at the Blue Starlite Drive-In Theater here in Austin, TX.

With this poster, instead of focusing on one iconic scene, or do the floating-head-thing, I wanted to an Animal House poster thing where you show a bunch of stuff and scenes happening all at once, like the whole movie happening in one image.


Along with the color version, I wanted to do a Black and White variant to more echo the appearance of the film, which is in (duh) black and white.  We actually printed the split fountain in the sky with metallic silver to give it that extra ‘punch’.  Needs to be seen in person to be believed! (well, if you can’t imagine metallic ink, that is.)

The regular edition print is 16×26 and is signed and numbered in an edition of 325.  The variant is in an edition of 125.

Want one?  WELL- if you live in Austin, I’d come to the screening, as Brian will be there signing autographs and all that.  Not in Austin?  Email or Phone Austin Books and Comics and they’ll get you on a waiting list.  Any prints NOT sold over the weekend will be given out on a first-come first-served basis.

You can find Austin Books and Comics’ contact info on their site, HERE.  Make sure you tell ’em who sent you!

A note about flipping- since these are limited to locals-only for the first few days, there will inevitably be some popping up on eBay before Austin Books can start taking care of people on the waiting list.  My advice? Don’t get it on eBay.  WAIT. Austin Books doubled their qty from the Transformers poster, so there SHOULD be enough to go around (for a little bit, at least).  I’m not against people re-selling my prints, but I’d hate for someone to get burned for a hundred bucks or so only to find out they could have gotten it if they waited a couple of days.  Deal?  Deal.

Thank you all, and thanks to Austin Books and Comics for the great gig!

-Tim Doyle