Steer and Queer

Nakatomi’s Tim Doyle was asked to participate in a Movie Poster exhibit in Canada-

Which clearly means something in French-talk. Everything we know about French culture, we learned from Simone in Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure.

BUT- Doyle’s print for the show (pictured at top) is currently for sale at the website VON SCARAMOUCHE, and won’t be for sale on Nakatomi until after the show comes down (assuming there’s any left at all) at the end of October.


Tim Doyle wrote a text piece that gives a rare peek into his creative process. Prepare to be mystified by an artist trying to dance about architecture!

“I saw Full Metal Jacket at WAAAAAYYYY too early of an age, and it formed my opinion on war in a brutal 2 hour salvo. That opinion? It’s not for me. As a work of art, the film is a difficult one- the tone shifts considerably at just about the half-way point- it’s essentially 2 films that just happen to have the same lead. But both show the complete dehumanization one must undergo in the process of becoming war-ready, and in the execution of it. The vulgar phrase, “Sally-Jane Rottencrotch’s pretty pink panties” fall on the ears like the memory of a soft lullaby of wholesomeness compared to the spray of bullets and stacks of human meat later in the film. The ubiquitous MOUSE ends each chapter in the film (in epithet and song) and presents a smiling face, now obscene in it’s ineffectual innocence. And to be honest, I think it balances the poster out nicely.”- Tim Doyle

Full Metal Jacket is an 18×24 silkscreen poster hand-printed at Nakatomi Print Labs with 5 colors including metallic gold ink, in an edition of 200. Currently up at Von Scaramouche, and later at Nakatomi.

-alex fugazi (a queer steer from Texas.)