Never, EVER do this.

So, about 18 months ago,  I did this album cover for a local band-

The front cover was drawn by me, but just about every detail of the image was dictated by the band. Yes, yes they did ask for a drawing of Truck-a-saurus sodomizing a 1983 Dodge conversion van.

The back cover was up to me, and I drew the only slightly more sedate image of the now ‘well loved’ van. Accompanying the van, just to the left, is the completely evil Pickles the Cat. Pickles might be known to some fans as the cat driving the El Camino in ‘The Camino Cats’ print.


Pickles is pure evil.

So, back when I did the album art, the band said they all wanted to get the back cover as a tattoo. “Yeah yeah,” I thought- “Nice sentiment, but it’ll never happen.”

Well, last Saturday, ‘Contact High Five’ committed great violence to their skin and their future employment opportunities-

All told, 4 members of the band got the exact same tattoo. Completely awesome. I heartily apologize to their families.

Feel free to check them out on-line here- Contact High Five.

Or, might I suggest the band stABBA, the Death-Metal Abba cover band, featuring members from Ch5?- stABBA.

Never, ever do this.

And, just something to keep you awake at night, dreading the apocalypse-

God almighty, that’s awful. Pickles is a real cat. That evilness is actually real. She’s going to be starring in an upcoming comic book based on the ‘Sea Also Rises’ prints.

You’ve been warned.

-Tim Doyle, praying for death.