Tim Doyle x BOOK BEAU

3 brand new Book Beaus, featuring artwork by Timothy P. Doyle!


Hello Nakatomi Peoples!

The wonderful people at Book Beau approached us about partnering up on some rad new designs for their products, and we jumped at the chance! Starting TODAY, Book Beau has opened up pre-orders for 3 new sleeves featuring the artwork of Nakatomi’s own Tim Doyle!


Book Beau and Nakatomi are both Texas-based small businesses, and we’re here combine to make a Voltron of excellence! We couldn’t be happier teaming with BB’s founder, Benita Botello and her team!

Featuring 3 designs of some of Doyle’s most popular prints-
The White Dragon
The Sea Also Rises: The Frog Prince Commands his Homunculus
UnReal Estate: Concerning Hobbits

The new Book Beau 3.0 design features water-resistant fabric and an extended zipper opening to protect your books, iPads, and Kindles!

Orders for the Tim Doyle designed Book Beaus will start shipping on July 30th- hit up the Book Beau store HERE today and pick one up before they’re all gone!

Thank you all so much!