Detective Comics #31 print by Tim Doyle NOW ON SALE!

Artist/ Nakatomi founder, Tim Doyle was commissioned to produce this dark interpretation of a classic Batman Cover for the fine folks over at French Paper Art Club!

From Doyle-

“I was the first artist to be a part of FPC’s Batman print series, and was totally excited to be back on for a new print- this time, the assignment was doing my own version of an existing cover. FPC had access to the almost complete back catalog of classic covers to do re-interpretations of, and the minute they asked me I knew EXACTLY the one I wanted to do. Detective #31 has a LONG history of fantastic artists doing reinterpretations of, and I wanted to take my own spin on it. The original line-art for this piece was actually a watercolor painting I had done, and adapted for screenprinting- the same technique I used for the sold-out Batman/GCPD print I had done for them last year. I wanted to use the same BRIGHT colors from the original cover, but find a way to make it much darker in tone. As always, super-big thanks to French Paper Art Club for the great gig!”

This hand-printed silkscreen art print measures 18×24, and is signed and numbered by the artist.

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CHANGE INTO A TRUCK 10th Edition- all Metallic Ink!

truck item2

CHANGE INTO A TRUCK 10th Edition- all Metallic Ink!

Available HERE NOW.

Change Into a Truck is by far the best-selling single print on the Nakatomi site. It was the first MAJOR viral hit we had shortly after launching the site back in January of 2009, and here we are, six years later, and doing better than ever. It’s the 2nd print that we ever did a new edition on (the first being the long-gone MurrayX6) and it helped define us as a company that focused on getting the art to the people that wanted it, and not keeping the popular medium of silkscreen printing to just an elite few. What started out as a deeply silly joke spread across the interwebs, and we still meet people to this day that tell us ‘This was my MySpace profile pic!” And then we laugh and act like we don’t know what MySpace is.

The art has been tweaked several times over the years, and has been printed as small as a 4×6 sticker up to a 24×36. It’s been on metal, it’s been on t-shirts, it’s even been a comic book cover. Way back in the day we were contacted by the ILM visual FX crew working on the Transformers live-action films, and they used the image on crew t-shirts.

Change into a Truck will NEVER DIE!

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End of year- 1/2 off sale on ALL MY PRINTS!


For the next 24 hours, all TIM DOYLE prints, T-shirts, comics, and Postcards are available for 1/2 off of retail!

And we have dug DEEP into the archives- a lot of prints that we normally hold back for consignment shops and in-person events are now listed in the TIM DOYLE section of the Nakatomi store for a limited time only!

There’s some crazy stuff in there, so SCROLL DOWN FOR AWESOME, and see what rarities we have for you!

Didn’t get what you wanted for X-mas? GET IT NOW.

Forget someone on your X-mas list? FIX YOUR BLUNDER.

Want to get say- Every single Sea Also Rises print, and deck your house out in underwater chaos? NOW IS THE TIME!

These prints will never be cheaper! Everything is in hand and ready for immediate shipment-


Thank you everyone, and see you in 2015!

-alex fugazi

BAD DADS- Grand Budapest Hotel print- This weekened at SpokeArt!

bad dads

SpokeArt’s BAD DADS show returns!

For the fifth row in a year, SpokeArt will be hosting the Wes Anderson tribute show- Bad Dads- and for the fifth year in a row, Nakatomi will be there, representing!

Continuing Tim Doyle’s series of 12×24 sold-out prints, this year he’s tackled ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel” with his print– “The Author”.

budapest web

“The Author” measures 12×24 and is signed and numbered by the artist in an edition of 150 world wide.

The show opens this weekend at SpokeArt, and the prints will be on sale shortly afterwards on their website HERE.

-alex fugazi

“Springfield” print- still available at SpokeArt!

spring day


Hello everyone! Seems like the AV Club covered some of my Simpsons inspired art today- which is GREAT. You can see that article HERE.

I’ve been getting a lot of traffic today about these prints, SO- Just to let everyone know- the SPRINGFIELD print (pictured above) is an open-edition silk-screen print, and is STILL AVAILABLE at the SpokeArt site HERE. In daytime and nighttime versions- the nighttime one glows in the dark!  Each print is hand-printed in my shop, and then signed and dated by me!

spring night

Everything else is sold out and out of print!  I’m super-happy a lot of new people have been discovering this work, and that we still have (in what is my opinion) the best one of the series still available!

Get ’em HERE.


Tim Doyle

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