Never, EVER do this.

So, about 18 months ago,  I did this album cover for a local band-

The front cover was drawn by me, but just about every detail of the image was dictated by the band. Yes, yes they did ask for a drawing of Truck-a-saurus sodomizing a 1983 Dodge conversion van.

The back cover was up to me, and I drew the only slightly more sedate image of the now ‘well loved’ van. Accompanying the van, just to the left, is the completely evil Pickles the Cat. Pickles might be known to some fans as the cat driving the El Camino in ‘The Camino Cats’ print.


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This is the second and final installment of the process thread for the printing of “The Sea Also Rises: Interlude- The Camino Cats Make Their Escape”

Read the first part HERE.

4th screen- Red now down- reg is looking hot. The Texas weather can be a real bitch when screen printing, as the humidity can cause the paper to swell up, throwing reg off. But it looks like the Texas weather gods smiled on us so far…


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Camino Cats Make Their Escape- Process

Hey! I forgot how completely awesome process threads are. Luckily, Jay Ryan and Aaron Horkey stepped up and did an amazing one, and made me realize- oh yeah, I’m stupid for not doing this more.

Those cats are really, really bad. I had the general idea for this a few months back and once I sat down to start drawing it, it went in a slightly different direction than I started. I really didn’t plan on putting a shark back there, but I was leaving that space blank for SOMETHING, and then I thought what would cats want more than an aquarium full of fish. And THEN I thought a GIANT fish in the tank would be funnier. AND THEN I thought a shark is the most awesome fish in the world. And, once you think of a shark in a tiny tank, you can’t help but think of Damien Hirst.


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Philosophy and the Art of Second Editions- Giant Tim Doyle Interview

A couple of weeks ago, Derek over at had an open call to his readers for questions to be posed to me, with the top few questions that got the most votes would get answered.  But because I love to hear my own voice, I said I’d answer them all.  So, reprinted with permission, here is way more information than you wanted to know about me-

1. What advice can you give to artists starting to market their work on the internet? Which artists inspire you to create new drawings and designs?

Step one- do art. Step three- profit.

I wish I could say- do x,y,z and that will bring you fame and fortune. But man, there is no method. If I hadn’t learned every aspect of the business side of things while curating the Alamo’s poster series WHILE ALSO spending way too much time learning how to draw and print, WHILE ALSO building up a ton of contacts along the way, I wouldn’t even be at my meager position. There is no set way to go about it- but one thing I can’t emphasize enough- cover your ass. Learn the business end of things, and just hammer away at it. Don’t settle for what other people give you- you have to carve your own chunk out of the beast. That’s my motto, I guess- don’t settle. Get out there and take.

As far as what artists inspire me- I think my influences are pretty evident. I’ve been a comics junkie for decades now, and that shows pretty heavily in my work. Building the Alamo series exposed me to a bunch of new artists and guys like Tyler Stout were a big influence. Seeing his work was like seeing a new way how to draw- a new problem my brain just had to solve. I’ve definitely spun off in my own direction over the last year or so, but that was a starting point, to be sure.


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Intergalactic Nemesis Video up-

Instead of me EXPLAINING what The Intergalactic Nemesis Trans-Media comic book / Live Action Graphic Novel I’m drawing is…

I’m going to save about 10 mins of talking and just SHOW you-

The script is by Jason Neulander and Co, and I’m doing all the drawing!  This particular chapter was colored by Paul Hanley.

The actors and Buzz Moran on sfx bring the script to LIFE on stage.  The whole thing is set to debut at the Long Center for the Performing Arts here in Austin TX over Labor Day!

Now…I just have to actually finish drawing it…scary.

The video you just saw was pt2, but pt1 is on the other side of this JUMP!

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